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Saving memories + Win promotion!

Ever since our oldest started talking I’ve been keeping track of his funniest sayings in my phone. I always have them with me and this way I can quickly save memories. By now, however, it has become quite a laundry list and so I was looking for another way to save these statements and be able to give them to him later on.

Saving memories

Once small children start talking you can often catch them making hilarious statements. Often they are not even meant to be funny but come from a slip of the tongue or a question. I try to capture all these fun conversations and statements because it’s so much fun to read back later on.

For example, my little man once asked where my bumpers are and directed Daddy to the guest room because he was fed up. He also discovered he had antennae, yes you won’t believe it but he was convinced he did.

Besides that it is of course very nice to see it on Fulltime Mama.En to share, it is of course the most fun to keep those statements. I have a long list of notes in my phone but of course it would be more fun to write them down in a nice little book.

Own wisdoms

To write down and save all these own wisdoms of the children I received a very nice little book by Elma van Vliet. You may know her from the books in the Tell a Story series. An unprecedentedly popular series of books in which you write your own story.

Keeping memories and getting to know each other.

New in this series is, among others, the book Eigen Wijsheden. Which appears on October 5. A beautifully designed book in which you can write down all those hilarious confusions, cute sayings and sweet conversations. For yourself, but also for your child later on.

I am already busy writing that note list in my phone in the beautiful booklet. That of course is much nicer to keep and read.


Would you also like to keep all those fun sayings in a nice way? Then enter this week’s win action.

You have a chance to win the book Eigen Wijsheden by Elma van Vliet.

Preserving memories + Competition!

What to do?

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Then the book will come to you!

Good luck!



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