High tea a fun and tasty way to celebrate a party

High tea: a fun and delicious way to celebrate a party

Is high tea still in fashion?? I don’t think it’s such a hype anymore, but there are still many restaurants where you can do it. Good thing because I like high tea so much.

I invited my mother and together we went to Turf in Hoorn.

High Tea

A high tea. I think it’s fun, tasty and most of all cozy. The advantage is that it takes a long time, so you have plenty of time to catch up. Thereby drinking delicious different teas and eating snacks that I would never make at home.

I often go into town with my mother, do some shopping together and then we always have lunch somewhere. Nothing special, just cozy with a nice sandwich and white wine. But sometimes it could be more special.

An invitation for my mother

It was my mother’s birthday recently and since I knew she would be home alone this weekend, I decided to surprise her with a high tea. I reserved in advance so that I could make a voucher and gave it to her on her birthday. Saturday was the day before Mother’s Day so that made it extra special. It was the second time we did this.

I deliberately chose a different place this time, not because the last time was not good, but here you can go whenever you want and because we wanted to go shopping beforehand I found it more pleasant if we could have lunch a little later instead of the 12.00 at the location where we had a high tea a few years ago. This was the kind of location you expect, with tea cups and pots everywhere. At Turf this is different, this is a real grand cafe.

Great, with all the beautiful pictures on the wall.

High Tea at the Turf

Peat on the muted turf harbor in Hoorn is a restaurant where you can also come for high tea. I reserved for an hour and after first shopping we went into the restaurant. I had chosen a 3 course high tea because I found it quite surprising to start with a prosecco. After the prosecco and a first cup of tea, we got scones with whipped cream and jam.

Followed by a delicious curry soup, croquette sandwich, savory cake and sandwiches to finish with sweet bites. When we ran out of one course, they asked if we wanted to move on immediately, but when we indicated we wanted to wait a little longer, this was fine. The service was fine.

high tea

Practical information

At grand Cafe Turf you can also go for lunch or dinner, as well as a baby shower or high wine. Here’s all the information.