How to make the best use of a smartphone

How to make the best use of a smartphone

A smartphone, we all have one. I cannot live without it anymore and even my children have a mobile nowadays. Although the youngest can only play games on it.

But how to make the best use of your smartphone?

Blogging also makes me addicted

As a blogger I am addicted to my laptop and iPhone. In the beginning of my blogging career I still had a Lenova laptop, but soon realized that I would like to buy an Apple MacBook. Why? My husband had an Apple and when I saw what an ease of use it gave (especially with an Iphone next to it) I wanted it too and since I bought this one, I don’t want anything else. I know everyone has their own opinion on this, but for me, my MacBook Air, is just ideal.

And since I completed a typing course at the beginning of this year, I’m totally happy when I’m typing. Really, I should have taken that typing course years ago, how easily and quickly I type now!

When did you have your first smartphone?

If my husband is to be believed I was late with my first smartphone. I got my first cell phone from my parents in 2002. I bought a car then and my parents thought it wise that I should also have a cell phone, just in case. This was still fridge size back then.

When I met the man and he turned out to work in mobile phones, my phones became more and more modern. And in recent years my collection of phone accessories has also grown quite a bit. Some are ideal since I am a blogger and others I use purely because I find it convenient.

The accessories that are easy to use

A case

First, a case for my smartphone. I always prefer a wallet case. I usually choose a case with a photo or nice text. For me, a wallet case is the most ideal, because I like the protection it provides. I now have an iPhone 7 but to be honest I sometimes dream of something new.

If I do need an iPhone Xs Max case, I think I’ll go for a photo again, I really like this one.

A charger for in my purse and car

A smartphone charger for in the car, is an accessory I just didn’t have yet. While I am out and about more and more often for my blog. So I needed a charger for the car and now I use it a lot when I’m on the road. I also have a wireless charger in my bag as standard. This is a charger that I can use for several smartphones as it has three plugs.

The charger is small and light, great to always have in my bag.

smartphone accessories

More car accessories

Besides having accessories for my smartphone in my own car, there are a few in the husband’s car as well. In my car I have navigation and my phone is connected to my car kit. When I drive in the husband’s car, I put my phone in a holder, because I like to use my phone for navigation, Because I slide the holder in the ventilation compartment I can hear the navigation very well, which I find very pleasant. The holder is secure and I don’t have to worry about it falling down. .

A bluetooth headset

Both the boys and I have bluetooth headphones. I find this ideal. The boys have one with a volume limiter and I have headphones that I use a lot for hiking. Ideal because finally I am not in the way with cords anymore.

The husband mentioned many times that he wanted headphones too. He works at a place where they have flexible workplaces and although he tries to sit with colleagues, he also sometimes sits with others. To put music on it once in a while, he liked it.

Which one do you choose?

He tried out the Fresh ’n Rebel Wireless HeadPhone. This headphone produces clean sound, deep bass and has a cool design. This product has an integrated remote control, so he no longer has to pull out his device to pause a song or answer a call.

The man is very enthusiastic about the headphones. The headphones connect easily with bluetooth to his smartphone, it’s compact. He takes it with him easily in his work bag.

The headphones last about ten hours and are quickly recharged and if he does run out of battery, there is a backup cable included so he is never without music at work or on the train.

I tried it out myself and found the soft band around the head and on the ears really nice. I understand his enthusiasm.

Earplugs to take with you

Now I don’t always have my headphones with me. I do always have earbuds in my bag besides my smartphone. These Unik Edition Headphones from Happy Plugs are in line with current trends thanks to the marble design.

In addition, the earbuds are equipped with a control panel and finished with gel edges for extra comfort. They sit fine in my ears and give good sound.

All in all, I have plenty of accessories with my smartphone, which I use almost every day.

Do you have any accessories for your smartphone that you say are indispensable?