What made me happy 35

What made me happy 35

Like every Sunday, today I share the things that made me happy. With this week many activities in the straw, of course a wrong selfie and of course we enjoyed the sunshine. The only pity of this week is that we are all sick with the snot virus snot virus.

So we're scrambling to get back among the living as soon as possible. Take a look at my overview?

What made me happy 35

You could already read on Monday that we had a nice day at my parents house. I personally became very happy with the bottle we got to give to the little lamb. How cute are baby animals?!

Last Monday I took a friend to Schiphol airport. My little man and his girlfriend could join us. The farewell was a bit stupid but the children found it super to be at Schiphol.

Spotting planes, looking inside a plane, climbing, playing and even picked up a real Schiphol backpack. A successful afternoon.

After that afternoon at Schiphol I had to carry the children's balloons. This of course resulted in another wrong selfie.

what made me happy 35

With the nice weather of last week we went outside a lot. Little man got a super cute camera’t from Nikon for the vacations. Of course that had to be practiced.

While the little man was playing with his mud kitchen, me and the little girl went to check on the chickens and bunnies. Cuddle-cock Lodewijk liked it very much and even sat on the lady's lap for a while. It is so nice to see how the youngest reacts to animals.

I went to the Negenmaandenbeurs and Huishoudbeurs on Thursday. I simply MUST have this flamingo on my wall. It is not for sale unfortunately, an employee of Babypark painted it himself.

Super cool right?

that made me happy 35

The little guy wanted to go to my horse again. Fine of course, I can only encourage that. He went straight to work. Together they played in the circle.

So nice to see how well those two react to each other.

The next day he wanted to go again! The husband and the youngest child went along too. I got so happy when I saw all my loves together.

What made you happy? I am curious.


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