This is what the Dutch searched for most online this year

This is what the Dutch searched for most online this year.

The Dutch Used The Internet and Masse Again This Year. With a Daily Average of 215.000 searches Know Home Page.And what the Dutch are looking for. Check it out and does it child of match what you’re looking for?

Dutch People Search Massively On The Internet

What are we looking for on the internet? A subject that I also search for a lot on the internet this year is the low carbohydrate diet, but in addition, people searched for recipes with asparagus. BN’ers Max Verstappen, Linda de Mol, Thierry Baudet and Duncan Laurence also Appeared frequently in the search results. But the three words most searched for this year are marketplace (476.474), YouTube (343.660) and rain radar (317.002) .

Dutch Celebrities Category

Just Like Last Years Max Verstappen won the Race of Most Wanted Famous Dutchman. With More Than 19.000 searches it keeps its first position. Duncan Laurence is the highest new entrant this year.

Logical also after his win at the European Song Contest. He achieves the third place in the top 5. Andre Rieu remains as popular as ever with home page users and comes in second place.
Also, Andre Hazes Jr. just like last year high on the list. He was in the news because of his new relationship with Bridget Maasland. Which, by the way, also entered high as a newcomer in the list. She is third on the list of most wanted female celebrities. Linda de Mol is number one among female celebrities.

They switched to SBS6 at the beginning of this year. Martine Bijl is also on the list this year. Bijl died in May at age 71 from complications of the brain hemorrhage she suffered two years earlier.


This is what the Dutch search for in the sports category

Max Verstappen is once again at the top of the sports category. This also puts Formula 1 in second place in the ranking of the sports category. Soccer ranks first with the Women’s World Cup as this year’s most searched-for sporting event. The home page user also appears to love card games: shuffleboard and bridge are in third and fifth place. Maarten van der Weijden, who completed this year’s Elfsteden swim in his second attempt, is number three among the most searched-for athletes.

Skater Paulien van Deutekom is also in this year’s list. She died of cancer earlier this year at the age of 37.


Millions of Dutch people cast their votes in March for the Provincial States and for the water board. The state elections produced two big winners: Forum for Democracy (FvD) and GroenLinks. FvD was searched for en masse and the party came in first place in the top 5 most searched-for political parties.
This year’s home page users searched most for Thierry Baudet as a politician. In second place is Geert Wilders and Mark Rutte follows in third place.

And then the recipe category

Low-carb and healthy recipes finished remarkably high in the rankings, just like previous years. This is not surprising, since we Dutch are also increasingly willing to pay attention to our health. I think this is also the most searched on the internet (at least on Pinterest). The recipes with asparagus are the most searched by home users.

There was also plenty of searching for all kinds of soup recipes and stews (including hash and goulash).