How children can responsibly handle a mobile

How children can handle a mobile responsibly

Children and a cell phone. A cell phone is a part of life, especially in this day and age when children are more likely to be let loose. It is wise to teach children, how to responsible how to handle a mobile phone.

Here are some tips.

The first phone for your child

The age at which children get a cell phone may be getting younger and younger. And that’s also what this age has to do with. Finally, children (perhaps by necessity) are more likely to go to school alone or to the sports club. When your child is ready for his or her first phone, you will probably choose one that is suitable for your child. Here you can think of Huawei, for example.

After buying a mobile the first responsibility they have to deal with is:’ keep your phone in one piece.’ A phone case is therefore a must! In the case of a Huawei, depending on the type of phone, this could be, for example, a Huawei P30 Lite case.

Handle mobile phones responsibly.

Besides the case, don’t forget a screen protector! Now the mobile is well protected and then come the rules with which children can handle a mobile responsibly. Children may experience this as strict and annoying, but it is very important that they learn to use their phone properly and be clear with them.

How to look at their responsibility together with your child

It is of course children and age depending on how and whether you should teach your children to be responsible with a mobile phone. Should the need arise, the tips below can probably help.

Make the rules together and write them down

Rules can of course be things like; ‘no cell phones during dinner and half an hour before bedtime the phone goes to the side,’ but you also teach your children to use a mobile responsibly by setting rules such as do not give personal information to others.

Discuss how to deal with nasty messages/ pictures’s

You never hope, but children can also get nasty, nasty messages in a Whats app, or through other social media. Look together with your child how they can deal with this, for example agree that they show these messages. But also explain clearly, that they never send pictures’s if it does not feel right.

Also look at your own mobile usage

Teach your children to be responsible with their mobile phone is also critical of your own use. How often do you look at your mobile? If you take a quick look before going to bed, you can’t blame your children if they do. And also agree that when your child comes home, the first time is a mobile-lose time.

Drinking a cup of tea and eating a cookie can be done without checking their whats app.

Don’t ride your bike or use your phone

I am amazed at the number of children who still use their phone while cycling. We all know this is not allowed and extremely dangerous. Discuss the responsibility of leaving the phone in the backpack when cycling.

See a cell phone also as something positive

See as a parent a cell phone in your child as something positive, because we also say sometimes to the boys;’ we have to surgically remove that thing from your hand,’ yet I would not want them to have no mobile phone. Finally, through their phone they can easily keep in touch with us and with friends. Arrangements are made oor school about homework or assignments and by teaching them to be responsible with their mobeiel, we can also relax with it just fine,through a game or Youtube.

Teaching children to use their mobile phones

It is important that children learn to use their phones responsibly. That they learn what can and cannot be done, but also that putting a phone aside is one of the possibilities. Children mirror their parents and that’s why it’s good to set the rules together and look at your own habits.

That way it stays fun for everyone in the house!