The little man’s bathing ritual warzone

Little man's bathing ritual warzone 2.0

I avoid the puddles in the bathroom by hopping and jumping. Towels are everywhere, Spongebob floats soaking wet in a puddle of suds. The underpants are on the laundry basket, instead of in it.

The bottle of Minions bubble bath is half empty on the bath stool. There are socks in a puddle of water and toothpaste caked to the mirror. Drops of water hang from the ceiling and the bathtub itself is full of dried-up soap and toys.

Briefly, this is what our bathroom looks like after our little man's bathing ritual. A real warzone 2.0.

Little man's bath routine

As if a tsunami has gone through the bathroom, that's how you could describe our bathroom when the little man has taken a bath. One big wet mess. Somehow our toddler's bathing ritual always starts out relaxed and orderly and invariably ends in a water ballet.

Somewhere something goes wrong, but where?

Relaxed bath time

Mister actually always ’s bath in the evening. Calm down before bedtime. That's the idea.

I always imagine him relaxing in a soapy bathtub, paddling leisurely. Just going through the day, having a nice chat, then drying off, getting dressed and quietly going to bed. I know, it's an idyllic picture and not a realistic expectation for a three-year-old boy.Still, this is the approach every night.

Mister gets undressed, a nice warm bath with some toys awaits and he descends into the warm water.

Mad bull

Where my little lady, aged 4 months, is still quietly chilling on her bath seat, the three-year-old is immediately splashing around the tub like a rabid bull. He plunges , with a big splash, from the bath stool into the water. The first drops already hit the ceiling. Then he sits quietly playing with some empty bottles, until the same empty bottles turn into mad dragons that spit water.

The splashes of water fly through the bathroom, the first puddles form around the bathtub. We have a free-standing bathtub which actually makes the mess worse. Then Spongebob the sponge has to pay with a dive.

By the end of the song, the entire bathroom is a wet mess and you, with soaking wet socks, dry the little guy off again.

Daddy’s fault

The key question in this story is; where is the parent to manage this whole bathing ritual?? Right, sitting next to it on the bath stool. In this case that's Dad. When the husband bathes the little man, they have a lot of fun and the toddler gets busier and busier. Even when the man in question tries very hard to calmly guide the toddler through the bathing ritual, the toddler thinks quite differently.

Magically, the three-year-old just invariably turns into a floundering speedboat whenever Daddy bathes him.While with me, on the whole, he is the relaxed little boy who is relaxing in the bathtub.

A riddle

It is a real mystery to us why he is calm in my bath and not at daddy's. Apparently daddy just needs a lot of splashing and splashing and mommy doesn't. Incidentally, I should add that I experience the same war zone when I bathe the little man too hastily. Then he throws his ass in the manger and I pay for it with a water ballet too. So maybe that's the punch line, I'm radiating something that does make the little guy nice and zen in the tub.

We'll never know.

For now, I'll just take a nice shower myself. Let’s see if I can make a mess of it. 😉

Do you kids keep the bathroom dry and tidy? Or are there more people where the bathroom sometimes looks like a warzone 2.0?


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