Autumn – the colors and fashion this year

Autumn- the colors and fashion this year

What will be the autumn fashion and colors this year? Nowadays we don’t have to take our chair to store, but what colors can we expect and what will be the fashion?

Shopping from the comfort of my armchair

Recently I was in Leeuwarden, the sun was shining and the stores were already full of warm sweaters and pants. I didn’t feel like trying on or looking at those warm clothes at all yet. Yet of course autumn is already advancing.

And because I am curious about the autumn fashion and the colors we will see a lot this fall. I decided to go shopping from the comfort of my couch.

Make collages of the autumn fashion

After my participation last year in the Soulstyling Club, I make a collage of garments I would like to have every period. I’m not saying I buy everything, but then I know a little bit where my needs and ideas lie. I already did that once this spring and now decided to make a few collages for autumn as well. I ended up on the website of Peter Hahn. Here you will find fashion for the stylish woman.

And even if there are pricey items among them, I got a good idea of fall fashion.

Cheerful colors

Personally, in autumn and winter I like dark, warm colors, but I don’t want it too somber. So I am very happy with the colors this fall. The basic colors are ecru, brown and gray.

Supplemented with red, blue, olive green, yellow and orange.

Sweaters in fashion

The sweaters this fall come in many cheerful colors that combine well with the pants that have the classic colors instead. A cheerful red or blue sweater on black pants looks chic with a pair of hooks and sporty with Biker Boots or sneakers.

Frapp €85,99/ Anna Aura €95,95/ Frapp €55,99

Dresses are always good

The dresses fall just below the knee and are classic in color. I like to brighten them up on weekdays with a brightly colored pair of tights or leggings and, on the contrary, with a matching color of tights for a party or event.

autumn fashion colors

Looxent €199.95/ Doris Streich €129.95/ Emilia Lay 239.95

My wishes

I can spend hours on the laptop looking at clothing sites and dreaming away at the fashion. My wishes are always clear and I am very happy with the colors this period. Especially the dress of Doris Streich, I find very beautiful, as well as the colors of the sweaters.