Get used to the new normal or learn to live with it full time

The new normal: get used to it or learn to live with it?

By Anne – The last day of homeschool we’ve had. The gates are closed and at our house the school closes again due to lack of students. Whether I look back with nostalgia? No, it’s been a beautiful period that we’re ending. Back to normal.

Back to the new normal. I want to be able to pick up the children from school again, and quite honestly clean the house myself for once without spectators. It does feel a bit like brushing your teeth while eating oreos.

The first few weeks

School closed 12 weeks ago. 12! Weeks that secretly flew by again. The first weeks I was happy, I was quite afraid of the virus and little was known yet.

We were safe in our bubble. I would tackle homeschooling. Made schedules and that’s how we were going to do it.

Moohaha, how could I think that!?
A son who did not accept me as a teacher and a daughter who knew everything better and the youngest hopping in between. Middle jealous of the youngest, because she didn’t have to do anything and the oldest missed contact with her friends.

Luckily I had no work obligations or zoom calls in between, but I did have a remodel. And I can tell you that rebuilding in times of corona is intense.


When the first bumps were over, there were also fine things. More relaxed, more time for each other and no hassle with lots of clubs. Unfortunately, the virus also took hold in our immediate environment, which meant that we had to make choices that were sometimes inhumane. After a bumpy move, we landed in our new home town and the kids were allowed to go to school half days.

Never thought I would be so happy with that. But even that was challenging, because not one schedule was right anymore. The clubs changed time and parents are not allowed to come and watch.
We also really had to look for fun activities to entertain the kids during corona.

June 1

How much we were looking forward to 1 Juno. I personally think that ‘1 Juno’ is a term we are not going to forget anyway. Jun 1: then all would be well again, everything would be over. But no, not everything is over.

Slowly we start living with corona around us. The factories are starting up, hurrah because my bathroom cabinets are still in Italy. We may go to a restaurant and to the cinema again. Well at a distance, so with 30 people in the room.

And that distance remains crazy. We went to town because in three months my children have grown 3 sizes. We didn’t feel very welcome.

Disinfecting everywhere, waiting in front of the door because only one x number of customers at a time. We skipped the store with a long line in front of the door and signs saying DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING. Are we going to get used to it?

Learning to live with it

I’m not going to get used to it I don’t think. But learning to live with it. As long as there is no vaccine, there is corona, and we have to live with that. Healthcare, education and many entrepreneurs worked so hard, to keep us healthy, to make sure we could eat and teach.

But also deep respect for everyone not mentioned, who may not have fought hard for the country but was on survival mode! Holland is good with rules (in general then) and we will handle this phase well until there is a vaccine. Then I’ll go sing karaoke in a packed pub again!

Until that time I am having fun with my daughter’s TikTok’s!

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