How to best mow the lawn now 5 tips and tricks

The best way to mow the lawn right now? 5 tips and tricks

A garden, it’s so much fun, but also so much work. Especially when you have a lawn. You will have to mow a lawn regularly, but when do you mow the grass, what is the right time and how do you do this if you have a very large garden?

With these 5 tips and tricks, you will succeed in keeping your lawn beautiful.

5 Tips & tricks for mowing the lawn

Whether it’s an English lawn, a small garden or a large area such as your own garden or a playground, regular and correct lawn mowing is important to keep the lawn green and dense. But here you will soon encounter challenges that can lead to frustration when the lawn does not develop as nicely as you would like it to. American gardening brand Cub Cadet has 5 tips and tricks for keeping up with lawn mowing properly.

Mowing the lawn at the right time

When thinking about a lawn in the garden, know that it requires a lot of work. For when to mow grass and how often to mow grass? This is the question many gardeners ask themselves. When mowing the lawn, the time of year and weather are especially important: per week lawns grow three to four inches. This you can mow away.

In drought, shade and autumn, the lawn may be an inch longer to still get enough light. In summer drought the lawn does not burn so quickly this way. This is because the longer blades of grass provide shade on the ground as well as better moisture retention.

To avoid burning the lawn in the heat that is just ’afternoon at its peak, the morning or early evening are best for mowing the lawn in summer.

Only mow when the grass is not wet

If it rains now, it means wait and see. The general rule is: mow only when the lawn is not wet. Mowing a wet lawn when it is damp from rain or spraying does not give a clean cut. If a rain period lasts longer than normal, the grass can grow higher than intended. But also for example after the vacation period the grass is often higher, this makes the cut too heavy.

This is not good for the grass. Better is the so-called one-third cut. First mow a third and then shape the lawn a few days later.

Watch your step

When mowing the lawn, walk only on the cut area. If the grass is trampled down before it is cut, it will only slowly straighten out and may not be cut at the same height.

Be careful on slopes

Now if you have a large garden with slopes, be careful while mowing the lawn. Mowing on slopes often proves to be a particular challenge, requiring special physical effort and thus also posing an additional risk of accidents. Don’t mow on extremely steep slopes.

And when mowing on slopes, make sure you stand firm and mow slowly. Take extra care when changing direction

Tip: As an alternative to the classic lawnmower, you can also use a robotic lawnmower. Powerful models like the Cub Cadet XR5 series can handle slopes up to 45% and does it on its own, leaving you time for other things.

Trees, beds and other obstacles

Rectangular lawns with straight lines are easiest to mow. But this ideal location is present in few gardens. Instead, lawns with trees, shrubs, flower and vegetable beds and/or ponds create numerous obstacles.

In small gardens, cutting the grass is fine with a hand mower.

In large gardens, a riding mower is often used, which can be used to mow large areas quickly and easily. It gets trickier, however, when complicated turning maneuvers are required to get the riding mower as close as possible to trees and flower beds or other obstacles. But there are practical solutions here, too.

Tip: Especially user-friendly are ride-on mowers that require no turning radius at all and, thanks to steering and all-wheel steering, can be used very well even in complicated situations.

Take care of your garden

Whether you have a big garden or a small one. A large lawn or border along the edge. Mowing your lawn is a recurring chore.

Know when is the best time to mow and use the right materials, then you will immediately make it a lot easier for yourself.

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