Hip and hot- modern phone cases and more

Hip and hot – modern phone cases and more

Man is seen inextricably with his or her phone these days. Where a few years ago you looked surprised at people who were only busy with their mobile, now I see nothing else. It’s not even hip and hot, well everyone has a cell phone!

Fused with your mobile

No one just stands or sits anywhere anymore. Always a mobile coming out of the bag or pocket. whereas before you were hip with a phone in a nice case, nowadays this is so common.

Everyone has a mobile.

Hip lady with hip case

And if we have a mobile, let’s make sure we have a good and hip phone case. So I ended up on the website of Smartphone cover.NL. A nice, clear site. The trendy, cheerful colors on the site stand out immediately.

Like the large selection of boxes and but. You can search by phone, case, fabric and more. This allows you to search very specifically for what you are looking for.

If you don’t know it yet, you’ll come to a good choice here, because there is plenty of choice.

A trendy iPhone 7 case

Looking for a trendy cover? There are plenty of these. Think of the cases with Qoutes. There I also saw ‘my’ case ‘ The trendy design on the front is guaranteed to make your smartphone stand out’.

I must have that one. The case is beautiful, the color is exactly as indicated on the site and the shape is very slim. I personally like that, because the iPhone 7 is also very flat and I think it’s a shame when this design is ruined by a clunky case.

The case has room for cards.

Out and about

Do you like to leave your bag at home when you go out looking for a wallet case. These have two flaps where cards (and passport photos) can be inserted. This is super convenient and because the flaps close by means of a push button, you don’t bother with the passes, when you make a call or use your phone.

All your cards together in a hip and hot case

For athletes

Besides the many cases that immediately make you look hip and hot, you can also find a lot of nice sports accessories at this web shop. In a later article I will tell you about the sports earplugs that I also got to test, but also for sports bracelets you have come to the right place.

So many brands to choose from

Many people have an iPhone or Samsung, but there are also plenty of people with a Wiko or Motorola device, also for these devices are plenty of products to find, such as Wiko U Feel Lite cases.’

Keep an eye on the website

In three weeks lodiblogs will be a year old. In that week I am giving away – in collaboration with smartphone covers,nl- an iPhone 7 case and wallet case. Want to win this?

Keep an eye on the site!