The preHistoric Village- Real history with real people

The preHistoric Village- Real history with real people

Learn to fight like a Viking, talk to historical residents and show if you can hit a boar with a spear. In the preHistoric Village In Eindhoven, you can experience the past by exploring it yourself. This outdoor museum is truly a do, see, learn and experience place and is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year!

Read all about this museum here and find out what’s coming up this year.

The preHistoric Village

How nice it is to be able to see the history of the Netherlands up close, where you not only learn about this history, but can also participate in activities from that time. The preHistoric Village in Eindhoven is the place where you can learn all about history. Go on an adventure, experience the past, listen to exciting stories and discover.

Do, learn and experience

The preHistoric Village is an open-air museum, which you can explore on your own. There are information boards, where you can read all about the history and history of the Netherlands. Go on your own adventure, experience the past and listen to exciting stories from the historical admirer.

Along the way you see ‘do signs’, where you can do an activity.

From the time of the first hunters to the Eighty Years' War

From the time of the hunters & collectors to the Eighty Years’ War

You enter the preHistoric Village through the Tolhuys and then immediately hit the market square. The route starts right back to the time of the hunters & collectors. Here you see first the hunters camp, where you can build a hut or make a fire.

What about your hunting instinct? Can you hit a boar with a spear?

how is your hunting instinct

Time of the first farmers

Then walk to the ‘Time of the first farmers’, where you can make music or an amulet to protect you from disease or bad spirits. But you can also grind grain here. Play in the botanical garden or go canoeing in warm weather.

Be sure to walk through the sheep farm and check out the small house and work sheds.

time of the peasants

Indigenous Roman times

Via the sheep farm and the pig corral you walk on to the Roman era. Here you can see how smoking ovens work, chop wood, hammer pins (to fasten wooden beams together) or perhaps you can decipher the Roman numerals? Climb the stairs of the gatehouse and discover how in Roman times people could see the enemy coming.

The time of Franks & Vikings

After seeing the series Vikings, we were very curious about the time of the Franks & Vikings. Here you can learn archery at the archery range and pick up a sword and learn swordsmanship. But also get your brains pumping during one of the games you will find in the Adige Hoeve.

Also see the battle shields hanging here, a spear and sword. And learn all about baking bread in a bread oven.

Archery is one of the activities you can do in the preHistoric Village

Time of trade & cities

And then walk back towards the market square. Learn wool felting, rope making or other medieval crafts at the Crafts House here and watch the blacksmith at work in the forge in the market square.

The Eighty Years’ War

In the market square, children can play in the sand for a while, after all, during the Eighty Years’ War they had a cease-fire, too. Pass by the pottery kiln too. Make a coat of arms or go stilt walking.

Hungry and thirsty? On the market square at Herberg Den Bonten Os quench your thirst and appease your hunger.

Pottery House in the Open-Air Museum in Eindhoven

Talk to Historical Residents

Arriving at the Eighty Years’ War on the Market Square You Have Seen The Museum Completely. You can always go back to one of the buildings to hear the stories of the historical inhabitants from prehistory to the late middle ages, do another activity or watch the potter at work one more.

For 40 years the open-air museum in Eindhoven

In 1982 The Prehistoric Village was created and this is what they will celebrate this year. Last weekend Already The Opening Weekend Weekly WITH ADDITIONAL DEMONSTRIOS AND WORKSHOPS, ALONG WITH THE FASTIAR ACTIVITIONS SUCH AS Archery, Spear Throwing and Pen Minting. But also New Occupations That People Did In The Past, Such as Rope Making or Marl Working.

The program of 2022

In Addition to the Regular Opening Days, There are also special events to experience:

  • April 16 to 18: Historical Foodfest
  • May 26 to 29: Vikingfest
  • June 4-6: Knightfest
  • 23 & July 24: Beauty & Fashion through the ages
  • 24 & September 25: Heksia

Real history with real people

The preHistoric Village is not a big museum, but there is still a lot to see, do and experience. You can easily spend an afternoon here. The museum is certainly not only for younger children. Our teenagers were very enthusiastic.

After all, these are subjects that they have been hearing about for years in history and how nice it is to now also see the images to go with it. Because we were on time, it was still quiet and they come at leisure, spear throwing, building a hut and archery. It was a surprising, educational day.

Highly recommended.