Help how to get through the winter

Help, how do I get through the winter?

It is officially winter. The shortest day has passed, which means that the days are now slowly getting longer. What a great idea!

As cozy as I find it, those lights everywhere, I’m glad when they’re no longer needed. Winter has never been my favorite season. I am a huge cold, don’t get happy with rain and wind and really need sunshine.

But then, we live in a country with four seasons and I’ll just have to make do with it. How I get through the winter?

Help, how do I get through the winter?

Of course we have nothing to complain about this winter, the temperature is still quite high and we have not had to scratch or grit yet. I am secretly very happy that we have passed the shortest day and the days are getting longer again. There are a few things I do to get through the winter;

’In the morning, snuggling up on the couch under a blanket with a tea and the fireplace burning. Wake up and warm up while the little man watches cartoons. In the Christmas vacations it is extra fun because there are so many nice Christmas series on TV now.

As soon as it’s light, and somewhat dry, enjoy going outside with the kids. A walk in the woods with the dogs and the little man on the balance bike. Catching every ray of sun there is to catch.

’Afternoon riding my horse in the outdoor arena. As long as it’s not raining hard we’ll ride outside. Indoors for the rest of the winter if the weather is really bad.

‘Evening a rosé, when the kids are sound asleep and we feed our Netflix addiction together. There are too many fun series and now all of them gnarly Christmas movies too. Okay, the husband doesn’t want to see those Christmas movies so I save them for his sports night. But other than that, we watch extra Netflix now that it’s dark so early.

Cozy in pajamas on the couch.

Other than that, it’s just hanging on, entertaining myself and the kids with fun things and waiting for it to be over. If it once again snows and freezes and we can skate and sled on the lake, then you will not hear me complain either. But even then, I can’t wait for the spring sun to show itself again!

What do you do to get through the winter? Or is it just your favorite season?

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