What is the ideal shower set for the whole family

What is the ideal shower set for the whole family?

Wonderful, those warm jets in the shower, preferably a rain shower of course. Not only is this super nice to stand under, it also gives your bathroom a luxurious look, but how do you get the ideal shower set that the whole family is happy with? You can read it here.

Choosing the right shower equipment

Are you remodeling your bathroom or having it done, are you looking for a new shower set that will make the whole family happy or do you just want something new in your bathroom?? Can’t you do without the hot jets in the shower or do you prefer a daily bath?? Shower lovers often opt for a walk-in shower.

The rain shower head is then usually fixed to the wall or some people even opt for a ceiling mount. A rain shower is a real luxury as far as I’m concerned. But how to make sure your ideal shower set can be so appreciated by the whole family?

What do you choose so that you and your children can optimally enjoy a hot shower, while taking the environment into account??

Water-saving showering

It makes sense that a rain shower requires more water than a conventional shower head. A normal central heating boiler has a capacity of 10 to 13 liters of water per minute. This is not enough for a rain shower.

The pressure cannot be changed at the boiler, because it has a value between 1.5 and 2.0 bar. Therefore, when looking for the ideal shower set, it is a good idea to check first whether your hot water system is suitable for a rain shower. Is that not the case?

A hydrophore pump can be used to increase water pressure. These ‘home boosters’ are adjustable so you get the right pressure needed for the rain shower. Although rain showers are sold these days with special eco mode, they continue to use a huge amount of water.

The ‘regular shower head’ therefore still remains the more economical alternative. Something to think about before buying.

Slide rail for the shower head

The disadvantage of a fixed shower head is that you get all wet, even if you don’t want to wash your hair, for example. With a rain shower head, you see that it is generally not adjustable. If you want to keep your hair dry, it is wise to purchase an extra shower head or hand tap in addition to a rain shower.

This way, the problem is solved, but it means that the rain shower becomes even more expensive. The smaller shower head can be connected with a hose to the thermostatic valve. The attractive holder puts the shower head within easy reach.

Choose one shower head anyway? Then make it easy. There are nice, robust sliding bar sets that allow you to position the shower head at different levels.

Very handy! This allows children in the shower to grab the shower head themselves and rinse off.

Faucets in different colors

If you buy the ideal shower set, it should include taps. Faucets, they are not cheap. Let alone if you choose an A-brand.

It is striking that there are more and more color options. A tap comes not only in stainless steel or chrome, but also in white, black and copper colors. There is also a choice of finishes these days; brushed, polished, matte or shiny. The choice is vast.

In many bathrooms, taps are even built in with only the water tap and knob visible.

Looking for the ideal shower set

You don’t remodel a bathroom often, so if you do, do it right the first time. See what your ideal shower set is so that the whole family is happy with it. A combination as described above is perfect for families with children, who are at the age where they can wash their hair themselves, or want to keep it dry.