What made me happy 39

What made me happy 39; Land of Once and Unicorns

Every Sunday you will find on Bblogt.en the highlights of my past week. I always show in here the things that made me happy. Just like today.

This past week was all about lots of unicorns, a party, a fun outing and some messing around in the garden. Are you curious? Read on and get a peek behind the scenes of Bblogt.nl.

What made me happy 39; Land of Once and Unicorns

Last week my little girl sat for the first time in a shopping cart. She found it very interesting. We went shopping at the garden center and of course that includes a stop at the pet department.

She loved it.

As you could read, my little man had a fantastic day at a dear friend of mine. When I picked him up I got to admire the dinosaur they made together in the garden.

Our vegetable gardens are going strong. Last week I moved some plants to bigger pots. The little guy thinks it is especially cool to see how fast they grow.

I wonder if it will actually make him eat more vegetables when we can harvest them.

which made me happy unicorns

Whoop whoop, last Wednesday was my birthday. My dear friend gave me a selfie stick and of course I had to test it out. I look my best after some wine.

Our little ghosts are spoiled, I admit it. Thursday morning a gigantic pallet was delivered. The kids get a playhouse in the garden.

I can't wait to see it.

The letter carrier was my bff this week because he brought a nice package with beautiful fabrics. I get behind the sewing machine. Check out the cool jersey fabric with unicorns.

I love it!

what made me happy unicorns

At my parents' place I brought a big box to put tadpoles in. Together with Grandpa “near” little man went into the woods and came back with frogspawn and tadpoles. It is so nice to see them grow up like this.

Of course they are released when they are frogs.

Saturday we visited the Lentiade, a spring fair in the former Land of Once. I loved recognizing all those things from the old days. I had a lot of fun spending hours there watching Clog the Giant Child, Juice the Carrot, Jean D’Orange and the great hero Kos with the Mustache.

Earlier I mentioned that the mailman was my bff. Yesterday I became very happy. I got to pick up a package that contained awesome unicorn slippers!

Yes, unicorns all over the place. Just because we can.

Have you also had a nice week? Did you used to come to the Land of Ever?


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