Just imagine pregnancy addiction

Just imagine pregnancy addiction

Just imagine; a pregnancy addiction. No, don't panic, I'm not pregnant and certainly not addicted to it. I did have a huge addiction from my pregnancies.

One I really didn't have before my pregnancies and just can't get rid of now. Whether this is necessary and what my guilty pleasure is read here. I also asked other mom’s about their pregnancy addiction.

You name it pregnancy addiction

Ask pregnant women or mothers in your area and they almost all have (had) a pregnancy addiction. At some point in pregnancy, many women suddenly get a huge craving for certain foods. Often these are products they never ate before pregnancy or didn't even like.

But once the hormones kick in you can wake these women up in the middle of the night for the craziest things. I had this problem too and it is still with me.

Cucumbers before and cucumbers after

In my first pregnancy, I suddenly got a huge craving for cucumbers in the last few months. Before I was pregnant I never ate them. We almost never even had them in the house. But once the hormones kicked in I ate at least one cucumber every day.

Peeled and sliced though, or I wouldn't need them. After that pregnancy the urge completely disappeared until I became pregnant with the little girl. At first I thought I would be spared a pregnancy addiction, but after about six months I started craving cucumbers again.

I could even smell them. Meanwhile, the little girl is almost 5 months and I still eat a cucumber a day. Very special.

But hey, there are worse addictions, so for now I'm okay with this.

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Mustard, whipped cream and herring

No, not in the above combination but in other combinations. I asked some moms about their pregnancy addictions. It's still funny to read.

So you could make Bregje happy with whipped cream. And actually that never went away.
“Cake with whipped cream and sprinkles, brownie pudding with whipped cream, actually just whipped cream so And it never went away.”

Liset went for fried eggs, among other things. Something she didn't even like before she got pregnant.
“Before I was pregnant with the first, now 6, I did not like fried eggs. When I suddenly felt like a fried egg with onion and cheese I knew I was pregnant. I still like it a lot. With the second pregnancy I loved bolognese chips but only the bolognese from Albert Heijn, haha, can't smell or see it now haha.”

I personally hate to think about it, but Kelly loved herring. Although she did find it very smelly.
“I loved fish, especially herring, but when I was at the fishmonger's I would get sick to my stomach from the smell of all those fish. So someone else had to get it for me that was with both pregnancies. I did keep that disgusted smell, by the way..
And with the first one I loved chocolate (was a girl) and I ate quite a lot but I can dose that now.”

With some moms the addiction changed per pregnancy, like Linda's.
“With the first one I ate the crap out of Dummies and fruit Mentos. With the second one I simply had to eat bolognese chippies every day. With the third child it was all wantan soup and dry fried rice with extra sambal and with the fourth child I had a huge weakness for anything that looked edible at all.

All those cravings I had are things that I still find super tasty, but I no longer need a whole roll of fruit Mentos after dinner and that bag of bolognese chippies will last me three days instead of three bags a day (yes, really). And I no longer need that soup and fried rice 4 times a week, and certainly not for dessert after my normal food.”

Miriam went for a combination which I find very smelly.
“Peanut butter on rice cakes. ”

Also a situation. Always craving something you can't stand. It happened to Linda.
‘I had a craving for orange juice. Preferably fresh… only problem was that it made me really nauseous. That was really hard, craving something and knowing that afterwards you're not going to be happy about it. Gave in a few times hahaha.”

You'll be fine..

So you see, pregnancy addiction works out pretty well. It can always be crazier. 😉 Well, and if you can't get rid of it you just have to make the best of it. So, I'll have another cucumber.

Do you have (had) a pregnancy addiction? Did you get rid of it?

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