The Prehistoric Museum

The Prehistoric Museum. For all dinosaur fans

The Prehistoric Museum. Our youngest son loves dino’s and would like to become an archaeologist ‘for dinosaur bones’ later on. The prehistoric museum was really something he wanted to go to.

It is clear to me: this is really an ideal outing for young and old!

The men out and about

While I was with my mother in Nijmegen, the three of us headed to Boxtel. To the prehistoric museum. How we came up with it I don’t remember, maybe we saw it on TV or read it in a magazine.

Anyway when the youngest heard about this museum, he got wildly excited. He has long been crazy about anything to do with dinosaurs and would like to become an archaeologist, but only of dino bones. And so the three of the men went out that weekend.

The Prehistoric Museum

You can find the Dinosaur Museum in Boxtel. The museum has a lot to offer for young and old. You can have fun both indoors and outdoors. There are several educational scavenger hunts and primetime games to do.

There are several movies running in the cinema. And meet “Lucy”, one of the oldest people ever found.

For the real dinosaur fan

When you walk in, you immediately see a dinosaur standing in front of the door and this is where the adventure begins. After buying the tickets, the men went outside first. This is where they found the prehistoric garden and the prehistoric forest. How cool was this. Of course I have heard all the stories and admired the pictures.

And understood that it was a spectacle outside. But it was also beautiful inside, Here they saw the largest sperm whale in the Netherlands. but also dinosaur skeletons from o.a. A Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus and T. rex. The boys marveled at all the beauty in the museum and at the end of their own money they both bought a book about dinosaurs.

They really enjoyed it and we will definitely go back again, because I want to see this too.

dinosaur museum

dinosaur museum

The Dinosaur Museum

Look here for all information on the -as they call it here- dinosaur museum (the prehistoric museum).