Miffy book and hugs for the Sickle Cell Fund

Miffy booklet and cuddly toys for the Sickle cell fund

June 19 is World Sickle Cell Day. As ambassador of the Sickle Cell Fund, Miffy is committed to supporting the fight against sickle cell disease. With a miffy book and cuddly toys from miffy and nina.

Proceeds go to the Sickle cell fund.

Proceeds raised for research to cure sickle cell disease

Not only is Miffy this year’s ambassador against sickle cell disease, but she has been a frequent contributor to this cause, and the proceeds from the Miffy book and the cuddly toys go to the Sickle Cell Fund.

A big media campaign

Every year, three hundred thousand children worldwide are born with sickle cell disease. Without treatment, 75% of these children will not live past five years of age. Earlier you could read here that miffy is ambassador of the Sickle cell fund and that a big media campaign has started.

All this to bring attention to this relatively unknown disease. Now Miffy comes with hugs and a booklet, raising money for the Sickle Cell Fund. Proceeds from sales go to research into a cure for sickle cell disease.

The goal is to raise a total of 1 million euro.

miffy and nina booklet

The new cardboard book miffy and nina, best friends was developed especially for the sickle cell fund. In this sweet book about friendship you will see that miffy and nina love to play together and often stay with each other. Even in their dreams they meet each other!

The cardboard book miffy and nina, best friends is now available in bookstores and online for € 5.95. Proceeds go to the Sickle Cell Fund.

miffy and nina cuddles

The miffy and nina cuddles are a nice addition to the book about the two friends. The cuddly toys have a sickle shaped moon in their hands: a symbolic reference to sickle cell disease.

The cuddly toys miffy with moon and nina with moon are available from June 19 at Centraal Museum (Utrecht), at the miffy store (Amsterdam and Maastricht) and bol.com. From June 22 the cuddly toys will be available in bookstores and through multiple online channels. The proceeds go to the sickle cell fund. The cuddly toys cost 9.95 euros each

Miffy book and hugs for the Sickle cell fund

What is sickle cell disease?

Sickle cell disease is the most common inherited blood disease in the world. In sickle cell disease, the red blood cells, which are normally round, are sickle-shaped, or similar to a crescent. Hence the name sickle cell disease.

Characteristics of the disease include severe anemia, unbearable pain attacks and an increased risk of serious infections. Over time, organs in the body damage irreparably.

Approximately thirty million people worldwide suffer from sickle cell disease. Every year, there are children here. Without treatment, 75% of these children will not live past five years of age. Also in the Netherlands there are thousands of patients who need treatment.

Through stem cell transplantation or gene therapy they can potentially be cured. Scientific research is of great importance. Unfortunately, sickle cell disease is relatively unknown, so there are not enough resources available to conduct much-needed, groundbreaking research.

The Sickle Cell Fund is committed to raising awareness of this disease and Miffy wants to help them do so.