The Military Museum in Soest- a super fun day out!

The Military Museum in Soest- a super fun day out!

Have you been to the National Military Museum in Soest? It is an incredibly beautiful and surprising museum where you can see and learn a lot. Besides an indoor museum there is also plenty to do outside the museum.

A real tip for a fun day out!

The military museum

The National Military Museum (NMM) in Soest is a museum where attention is paid to the meaning of the Dutch armed forces in the past, present and future with extra attention to the collections of army and air force. Interesting were the many uniforms used over time, the many vehicles, motorcycles and tankers. Wherever you looked you saw planes above you, from small to large.

The information throughout the museum was interesting and nicely written, making it easy for the kids to read as well.

Tough outdoor activities

On weekends, Wednesday afternoons and during school vacations, children can ride in an NMM mini-tank and drive around Europe’s most beautiful tank track! Fun for children, but also for adults. The rule here is that you have to be at least 8 years old and 1.Must be 35m.

Our oldest was allowed to ride in the mini-tank and this was really an adventure in itself.

You can also join them tearing through the sand with the M688, an amphibious tracked vehicle (with comfortable seats)! I understood from others that you had to keep your mouth shut during the ride because the sand was everywhere!

What was also very cool for the boys was a real assault course on which they could climb!

An ideal day out

Going to the museum may not always be the day out children desire. Still, a hands-on museum like the National Military Museum in Soest is ideal to go to with children. With so much to see and do, children will feast their eyes and learn a lot.