Help! What to give dad as a present

Help! What to give Dad as a gift?

Gifts for fathers are hard to come by. Whether it’s a birthday, St. Nicholas or Christmas: what can you give them now? Many people get no further than the standard bath and shower set, a fragrance or tools.

But there is so much more you can give.

So much more original and fun to get. So kids, put aside any thoughts of fragrances and showergel, because these are really cool gifts to give to daddy and, of course, to get.

Music in the air

If your dad is a real handyman, this is a wonderful gift to get: a Bluetooth speaker. Because let’s face it: It’s nice to listen to your favorite songs while doing chores in the bathroom or while he’s sawing in the shed? Don’t forget to sing along daddy, because no one will hear you when the saw makes such a noise.

A special bracelet

Are you looking for a personal gift for a man that he really won’t just put away? And do you have a bit of a trendy man who loves jewelry? Then a bracelet is highly recommended. Would you like to engrave the men’s bracelet with your child’s name or date of birth, for example?

You can, it makes the bracelet even more special and unique.


It is already nice to give him his favorite drink, but how cool is it to also give a nice set of a carafe with glasses for the whiskey? A diamond-shaped decanter with matching glasses. Just like you see in movies and series, but really in your living room.

This is how daddy wants to invite his friends over for drinks anyway?

Bearded and hairy

Some fathers have a beard. Did you know that it takes quite some time to maintain it properly? That is, unless he wants a feral forest hanging from his chin.

For example, he must take great care that the beard does not dry out and he will have to trim it carefully on a regular basis. A grooming kit for his beard is nice to get then. Includes scissors, oil, wax and a comb, in a nice case.

Now that’s a nice surprise!

Relaxed at work

If your father works in an office, he may have a strained back and neck at the end of the day. Maybe the long hours in front of the computer will cause pain in his hand and forearm, pain in his shoulder. What could be nicer than to be massaged during his work?

This prevents the stress and consequences of poor posture at your desk from building up in your muscles. An electric neck massager is a godsend.

What will you give your father as a gift?

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