Autumn period How to make something out of it

Autumn period. So make something of it

It’s definitely not my favorite time of year. The autumn period. The moment after summer, the time of sun, beach and shorts is suddenly (because that’s how it feels) replaced by dark days, rain and cold.

But of course we can make some of them.

The autumn period

The autumn period is here again and it shows. Suddenly, overnight, summer was over and fall had begun. I can always stand this. I prefer to have sunshine all the time, but that’s just not the case in the Netherlands.

Suddenly the shorts can’t be worn anymore, the summer coat is too cold and the flip-flops are back in the closet. Awkward time, because after a wonderful summer, we are now likely to get a wet, cold, dark time. But we can still make something of it?

Walking in the woods

The autumn period is not so bad. Even though it comes at the worst time and will never replace summer, we can make the best of it. For how about a nice walk in the woods or to the beach. Tucked away in a winter coat and a lovely sun too.

The boys only like walking when they can search for chestnuts, acorns and leaves, so we always take a few bags with us when we go to the woods to put them in.

With a blanket on the couch

In autumn I love to sit on the couch with a blanket and crochet. Candles on. Then it is actually not at all wrong. I got those lovely fleece blankets from a Christmas present and I sit on the couch with them.

Autumn is actually the only time I decorate the house a bit. With pumpkins, spiders, chestnuts, all on a tray.

Autumn tea

Whenever I go to America or my sister comes to Holland she always brings StashTea. And then the flavors white chocolate mocca and Licourice, these together are really autumn flavors and I save them for cold, bleak days. What I think is a real autumn drink is Chai Latte.

This is because of the cinnamon in them. I drink it a lot, make it myself, but the best I drink at Bagels&Beans.

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Thick sweaters

What I also like about this autumn period are the warm autumn clothes. Thick sweaters, malliots, self-crocheted cardigans, actually not bad at all either?

And although autumn may not be my favorite time of year, you can still really make something out of it and let’s not forget, we have autumn vacation in a few weeks too.