Heromask Languages- learning through play

Heromask Languages- learning through play

Playful language learning with Heromask. An educational video game in virtual reality that allows children to learn different languages. Fun and educational. Here they practice English and French with fun and ease.

And all with VR glasses!

Playful learning with Heromask

Heromask Languages is a video game that allows you to learn foreign languages. Using VR glasses and your mobile, your child learns English or French through play. How? By moving your head, turning and with the help of the VR Glasses. At the bottom of the sturdy VR Glasses is a button, pressing it launches laser beams.

These laser beams allow children to learn languages by pointing at them.

What languages can you learn?

With Heromask you can learn the following languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, English and Chinese. All these languages are in an App.

A new model of VR Glasses

The VR glasses are a new model, with an updated built-in mechanical button. Not only does it look beautiful, it is also very solid. Heromask VR glasses can be used by the whole family to watch video’s or play other virtual reality video games.

How does Heromask Languages work

In the package of Heromask Languages you will find a code, you enter this together with your email address on the site and after you have received a confirmation email you can download the app of Heromask. Put your mobile in the front of the VR Glasses and you can start playing.

What do the language lessons look like?

In the game you can choose who you are, are you a dinosaur? A motorcycle rider or a drone? And then you choose what you want to learn, this can be colors, flags, greens, drinks etc. Then you press start and the game comes to life.

By moving your head or shooting the laser beam, you choose the right answer and try to get your high score each time.

From 5 to 12 years old

Indicated that the Heromask is for children ages 5 to 12. Now I have two sons in the house. The oldest is almost 13 and is in high school and the youngest is 11 and is in grade 8. They both tested the Heromask. The words that can be learned with the Heromask are the basics they have in school now too, so this works out well.

The youngest practices English and the oldest French.

This is fun learning

By being interactive, the boys enjoy learning. They choose the subject they want to practice and because of the speed of the game and the challenges they face, it is a game of our time. They are very enthusiastic and it is nice to see how they improve their high score every time and learn the language better.

More than learning languages

At Heromask they love education and children, so they created Heromask, an educational video game in virtual reality that allows children to learn math or different languages. Heromask also works for children with learning difficulties, such as autism, dyslexia or hearing problems. We’re in a tough time where kids are getting outside less often and with these VR Glasses, kids can have fun learning by being at home.