Nine Months Fair Shoplog Inspiration

Nine Months Fair Shoplog + Inspiration

I received an invitation to visit the nine -month fair. Of course I am no longer pregnant but my youngest sprout is only 6 months so I was still in the target group. The Nine Month Fair is really not only for Mama ’ s-to-be but Also super fun for mama ’ s who already have children.

What I saw and bought there read you today.

Nine Months Fair; For more than Mama ’ s-to-be

In the meantime I have been to the nine -month fair a number of times. Four years ago when I was pregnant with the first, last year when I was pregnant with the youngest and now I was allowed again. Totally nice because I had already seen that there were various brands that I wanted to see.

Mini shoplog


A few weeks ago I already wrote about B.Nosy. At the nine -month fair they stood with the new collection and they also had great exhibition offers. I bought a nice cardigan for the little girl in size 74.

Ideal for the colder spring days and delicious for the plane during our long journey.

I hoped I would like a nice jumpsuit for the little lady and I found that at Kidz Art. Also such as ’ n fine brand where they had a stock market offer. I think it is ideal about this jumpsuit that it just has neat press studs at the pipes.

That saves an angry baby while changing.

Furthermore, I also became very happy with the Squiz bags that I bought. Ideal refillable squeeze bags where you can put fruit, porridge or a smoothie. Yesterday I made a nice banana snack that I put in the bag.

The little girl found it particularly interesting.

Furthermore, of course, I scored the stock market bag of Gonnie and his friends, a spout cup for the little girl and here and there some flyers, contacts and of course some goodies.

Nursery inspiration

I love children's rooms, interior tips, cool furniture and cool accessories. I was able to indulge in the nine -month fair. If you are still looking for inspiration for your baby or children's room, you should definitely take a look at the nine-month fair.

nine -month fair

The All Time Favorite is special pink, with their crazy scaffolding wooden furniture. At the fair they stood with a large stand where you can admire various cool furniture in real life. A kitchen or gaming table from their range is still high on my wish list.

I also met the Little brand & Pure. Little & Pure was founded by a mother of four children and she knows better than anyone what children need. This brand therefore sells a very nice crib, products of pure wool and the crazy blackboard plates that you see in the photo.

The Dino plate is a favorite with my son. He would really like to have it on his wall.

nine -month fair

Which made me very happy is this fully furnished room of Babypark. The colors, the flamingo, the wallpaper, completely crazy. I can't wait until the little girl is ready for a big girl's room.

That will only take a while because she is only six months but dreaming is always possible.

Nine -month fair

The Nine Month Fair can still be visited until next Sunday 28 February. You can find the fair in the RAI in Amsterdam and with your entrance ticket you can also visit the household fair. A fun day out.

Have you been at the Nine Month Fair or are you still going? What did you like to see the best?


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