How to get started with a Bullet Journal

How to get started with a Bullet Journal

A bullet journal. You hear and read a lot about it, but how to get started and where to buy a good one? What problems can you encounter and how do you actually make the pages’s? T

Creative enough

You may also see them passing by. Beautifully drawn and decorated Bullet Journals. While of course the first version was not that creative at all.

This was just a planner. And that is also what you can use your Bullet Journal for. Already completely free in how you use it. I myself started after I got a hand lettering kit for my birthday.

I was so excited about this that I soon bought a book and wanted more. For example, starting with a Bullet Journal. Because when I had a practice, a simple diary was fine, but I wanted more.

Being more creative!

Buying a Bullet Journal

Without really reading up I decided to buy a Bullet Journal. Looked it all up and watched the vlogs of Creachick. I got a lot of inspiration from this. I wanted to start right away. And then I soon noticed that the one I bought wasn’t actually that good.

It was very large, the pages’s were too thin and was full of sample pages’s of no use to me.

bullet journal

The cover was very limp and many leaves were filled in with examples, Ideal if you start with January, but I started half way through April.

Very excited about filling it in

I was very excited about completing the Bullet Journal though. While looking for stickers, pens and more, I walked by the bookstore and decided to look at other variations anyway. I saw so many beautiful, sturdy, smaller bullet journals here that I decided to treat myself and buy a new one.

Getting Started

I now use my unapproved bullet journal as a draft and let the boys draw in it. My new journal is already up and running. What fun I am having here.

I totally found my hobby, though I may be a little behind, in the trend. I can put my creativity to good use here.