Webshop of the week Sien en Co Winaction!

Webshop of the week Sien en Co + Winaction! (closed)

As you know we love crafting at home. Our dining table is regularly full of paint, glue, paper and stickers. So how cool is it that I can share with you a webshop full of craft supplies? And that I also get to do a great giveaway!?

Sien Sien en Co sells everything for kids who love arts and crafts.

Bblogt loves webshops; Sien en Co

A few weeks ago I received a press release containing a very nice webshop. A webshop where you can find craft supplies that you do not just find everywhere. Sien en Co sells everything for children who love crafts. You will find original craft kits, loose craft supplies and more. I got to ask owner Gea a few questions and she tells you what you can find at Sien en Co.

Then read on because I may give away a cool package to you.

Sien and Co

Tell us something about the origin of your webshop.
“For a long time I had the dream to start my own business. I also knew right away that it had to be “something” with crafting. In 2013 I tied the knot, with a push from my husband. The webshop Sien en Co was born.

No more travelling up and down and more time for my little girl, lovely. And I could and can do every day what I love most: crafting.”

Bblogt loves webshops; Sien en Co + Win!

Where does the name Sien come from & Co from?
“Sien and Co was quickly conceived. My daughter's name is Sien and she has had a stuffed rabbit since she was a baby. Because Sien and Co sounds fun, the rabbit got the name Co. A funny detail; the red-haired girl in the logo is based on my daughter (also red-haired and tad naughty ;)”

What fun can we all shop at you?
“At Sien en Co you can shop the cutest, funniest, hippest and coolest craft kits for girls and for boys, categorized by theme, age and for every budget. Not those standard kits that you can buy everywhere, but craft kits that are different.”

Bblogt loves webshops; Sien en Co + Winactie!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
“It may sound a bit trite, but it's true everywhere!. Ideas for my blog Tinkering with Sien and Co arise for example when I am talking to someone or when I am tinkering with Sien. I am also an absolute fan of Pinterest, where I get a lot of inspiration.

To get inspiration for new craft kits I regularly go to fairs to keep track of what's new coming up. I make sure I am kept up to date with all the new trends to be able to jump on them.”

Bblogt loves webshops; Sien en Co + Winaction!

Got a personal favorite? Something we should definitely not miss?
“I myself am a huge fan of Duck tape. You can do so many fun things with Duck tape such as making a purse or pouch, but also pimp that boring cupboard. And it is available in many cool prints.”

What is your ultimate dream as far as Sien & Co?
“I work from home and also give the workshops at home, and for now that is fine. My ultimate dream is to eventually have a great location where I can give workshops and where creative children's parties, under my guidance, can be given. A place where I have all the space for all those cool craft kits. And not just in Breda, because if it is up to me there will be a chain of Sien and Co locations throughout the country!”

Bblogt loves webshops; Sien en Co + Winactie!


In collaboration with Sien en Co I may give away a very cool package. A “fun for the road” package. Including 2 car bingo cards, the fabrication factory and an engraving art.

What do you have to do for that?

  • Let us know below for whom you want to win the package.

The win action runs until Tuesday, June 28 23.00hour. On Wednesday 29th of June the winner will be announced on facebook. So it is handy if you Bblog.Give us a like on facebook. 😉

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