Monopoly game in all shapes and sizes

Monopoly game in all shapes and sizes! Tips for Christmas

Christmas is of course the time to play games with the family or the family. Monopoly comes with an already surprising new games. The recipe for a cozy Christmas: Monopoly In all shapes and sizes!

In this article a handy overview.

Monopoly game in all shapes and sizes

While it gets cold and dark outside, it is warm and light inside: Christmas has traditionally been the moment to come together with the whole family. On Christmas Eve Laughing, Talking and Playing together is one part of the tradition, but it would not be Christmas without presents, of course! And how do you combine packages for under the tree and having fun together better than with Hasbro’s games?

Just take the Monopoly series, which has everything on his own to let every game fan of five years or older experience hours of fun.

Now we have to wait and see how we can spend Christmas this year. Will be with the family, family or friends. In any case often with games.

Here are a few nice tips for under the Christmas tree.

Monopoly La Casa de Papel

Are you also a fan of the Netflix series La Casa de Papel and you can’t wait for the last 5 episodes? Then this Monopoly game is of course a hit for you. Because even in the sweetest people there is a sneaky bandit somewhere, which only shows itself in games! Escaping the police and leaving with the most money, that is the goal of this adventurous board game for fans of the Netflix hit La Casa de Papel.

Age: 16+

MSRP: 32.99 euros

Monopoly Counterfeit Money

In Monopoly Counterfeit Money, things are not always as they seem. There are fake money and fake chance cards in the game! Fortunately, Mr.

Monopoly’s decoder with you so you can identify the fake items and still make some big bucks. In addition, you get ‘accusation coins’ with which you can challenge your opponents.

The player with the most money at the end of the game – real or fake – wins!

Building Monopoly

In this Monopoly game you can build your own city. Have you always wanted to do this? With this game you can make that good intention come true in your imagination!

Buy your properties, collect your rent and collect building resources.

In addition, you use the building blocks to build your island city. Have you built the penthouse? Then you are the winner!

Monopoly Roblox

How surprising is this game. Roblox meets Monopoly! During this game-inspired by the well-known online platform-buy, sale and trade not real estate, but WeeP City, Fashion Famous, Legends or Speed and other Roblox experts. Nobody knows what surprise the next Gooi with the dice has in store ..

Suggested retail price: 31.99 euros

Monopoly Roblox is for children from 8 years and based on the online platform

Monopoly Fortine

A monopoly game for my children: Monopoly Fortnite. This is a real game for the actions in your company. With this exciting Fortnite edition of the Monopoly game you claim locations, you compete with opponents and avoid the storm to survive.

Real gamers will certainly recognize the locations and external cards from Fortnite!

Monopoly Fortnite a real game for actions

Monopoly Junior Peppa Pig

The young children have also been thought of, because your five -year -old little one already has a wish to play Monopoly? No problem! With Peppa, George, Mama or Papa Big Like Pion, you buy toddlers Peppa’s house, the garden of Grandpa Big or Snowberg.

At the same time, they practice their counting skills – to the satisfaction of the teacher or master after the Christmas holidays.

Suggested retail price: 26.99 euros

Monopoly Super Electronic Banking

This game from Monopoly is also actually an expansion of the original game. Buying real estate and earning rent now yields even more! The all-in-one bank unit keeps track of all digital transactions and players earn unique rewards based on which pawn and associated bank card they choose.

Offer monopoly

The Christmas meal almost comes on the table, but you still want to challenge the fast negotiators in your family? Then you get Monopoly from the closet. In this strategic card game, players in blind auctions offer.

It goes at lightning speed – You have mastered it like this and play it in fifteen minutes.

Just in time to go to the table!

Suggested retail price: 7.99 euros

Play you choose?

Whatever game you choose, if you arrive with a Monopoly game, everyone is enthusiastic. Nice that both older children have now been thought of and the young people. Because certainly with teenagers, a more difficult game is fun and challenging to do.

Choose your game and make it a fun Christmas holiday.