Harlan Coben, from books to Netflix series – viewing tip

Harlan Coben, from books to Netflix series – viewing tip!

Netflix series based on books. And what kind of books. The books by Harlan Coben.

And the great thing is, the series are so different from the book that you don’t realize until after you finish which book was actually the scenario of this series. There are 14 series coming up but you can watch these 6 Netflix series right now.

Netflix series

Netflixing all day, it has become commonplace and by the past few years may have become even more popular than it already was. We were not yet Netflix viewers at home. I didn’t really think it was that necessary, after all we have enough channels on TV anyway.

Until we were actually a bit bored, we had seen the series and we too felt in Corona time that we could treat ourselves a bit more. There came Netflix and there came the Netflix series

How it all started

One of the reasons we got a Netflix subscription were the Netflix series House of Cards and Undercover. Now I also like to watch Netflix movies in between, but the Netflix series remain my favorite. After these two series above, we were unstoppable and in the meantime we have watched many well-known and less well-known series. Including the series of Harlan Coben

Netflix series by Harlan Coben

Netflix and Harlan Coben have struck a particularly elaborate deal: fourteen of the thriller author’s books will be filmed. Currently there are already six to watch on Netflix. The best thing about these series is that they are nothing like the books. So only after you have watched the last episode, you may recognize the book because you have read it.

And thinking back, only then do you see similarities in characters or events.

The six series now on Netflix:

Safe is about widower Tom Delaney and his teenage daughters Jenny and Carrie. They live in a neighborhood known to be incredibly safe, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that 16-year-old Jenny suddenly disappears without a trace after a party at a neighbor’s house got out of hand. Tom panics and searches frantically for his missing daughter, leaving no clue unanswered.

Slowly but surely he is on the trail of a secret that cannot bear the light of day. This series is completely different from the book

The Stranger

In The Stranger, Adam Price leads a quiet family life with his wife and two sons. One day, however, he is approached by a mysterious woman, who tells him something striking: his wife Corrine is said to have faked a pregnancy. Adam casually brings up this encounter, but then his wife suddenly disappears into the sunset. Price goes in search of answers: The Stranger must have them?

But where is she now?

The Strange is the name of this book. You can find this book here

The Woods

The Woods tells the story of Polish prosecutor Pawel Kopiński, whose sister disappeared without a trace during a summer camp 25 years ago. Pawel has a hard time letting go of this disappearance. And when the body of a “camp buddy” who disappeared at the same time as his sister suddenly turns up, the dolls are already dancing all over the place.

After all, maybe Pawel’s sister is still alive! It’s the beginning of a quest in which old family secrets are slowly unraveling, and they may well spell the end for the plaintiff..

Borrowed Time by Harlan Coben Buy here

El Inocente

In El Inocente, Mateo Vidal is sentenced to prison for culpable homicide. After his punishment he picks up his life again and basically he is doing fine. His wife Olivia gets a mysterious phone call one day that forces her to go to the German capital of Berlin.

Suddenly, events follow one another in rapid succession. After all, is his wife really who he thought she was? Is she in Berlin at all?

And why is she sending him strange videos?

Curious about The Innocents by Harlan Coben. You buy the book here

Disparu à Jamais

Guillaume Lucchesi has had to deal with a huge tragedy. His great love Sonia was raped and then strangled ten years ago. His brother Fred was seen as the culprit and took off: he simply disappeared off the face of the earth. In the here and now, Guillaume has found a new love, Judith. Only suddenly there is no trace of her anymore.

To find her, Guillaume must face the truth about the hidden secrets of his family and friends.

The book is called Spoorloos. Click here for the book

Stay Close

Stay Close is a 2012 Harlan Coben book and is about the characters Megan, Ray and Jack. Megan, who was once a wild girl, is a stay-at-home mom with a growing sense of unease. Ray was a photographer with a golden future, but these days he only does trivial assignments. And Jack is a policeman who cannot let an unsolved missing persons case rest.

However, they all have secrets that their loved ones don’t even know about.

In Dutch this book is called Blijf dichtbij. Look for this book here

Exciting movies with sudden twist

Meanwhile, we have watched five of the six series and are currently watching the sixth series: The Woods. Of these six series we have read two books and here we noticed that we could only link the book to the series at the last moment. Thus, the series were set in a different country and the story was so different that you recognize very little from the books and this we ourselves liked very much,. Because after watching the series, we were left wondering what we had and had not recognized now.

Harlan Coben’s series and books are highly recommended!

Curious, take a look at this overview of all his books.