Crocheting and knitting for the small theme

Crocheting and knitting for the small theme

This week’s crea cross theme is Small. Over the past year I have made many crochet projects for children and babies. This one I am showing now.

Crochet projects from the very beginning and crochet projects that were so enthusiastically received that I made them for others on request.

Crea Cross theme small

Every week there is a new theme to express your creativity, this week the theme is ‘small’. Every week it is so fun to see how many different ideas on the themes’re expressed.

Knitting baby socks

To start with small, I first come to the baby socks I made. I have a ‘Beginning to knit’ book and it included baby socks. It is great fun to make these, you just need a bit of wool and knit away.

Always easy to have in the house, to be able to give them away or send them at the birth of a child of friends and acquaintances.

Crocheting hugs the more the merrier

My children love stuffed animals. The more the merrier. Their whole bed is full (and they are not even little :)) and they love to give me an assignment of which toy to make.

They’ll look with me on Freubelweb and choose what they like. I started my crochet career by practicing from the book: I Learn to Crochet. After first a few straight patches, the assignments began, Tough Stijn, Snoes the Mouse and Alleskunner Albert.

Then after the small projects, the bigger ones began. Mollie the pig, Yaki the dragon and Blitz the space creature from Rian Visser’s children’s books.


crochet cuddly toys

Bitz I crocheted several times after posting a picture on Facebook. I was asked to crochet these for others as well. Super fun to do and to give away.

Blitz children's books space creature

If you have a creative blog with the theme Small, post it in the Link-up on the Kreanimo site and take a look at all the interpretations given to this theme.