Can a woman have too many shoes

Can a woman have too many shoes?

Could a woman too many shoes have! Oh no? But lately I don&#8217t buy shoes very often anymore, I have been wearing most of them for three years now and there is a reason for that.

A reason I also apply to children’s shoes nowadays.

Shoes tic

When I was in college and the years after, when I was traveling and partying a lot, I had an awful lot of shoes and bags. I usually picked out the clothes around my shoes. That was easy because I bought all my heels at Van Haren then. In those days you could buy heels for twelve or sixteen guilders (yes, I’m still from the guilder era) per pair.

No wonder that even I, with my student loans, could buy these. I had heels is all colors and sizes.

I go for the more expensive version

Even later I often bought my shoes at cheaper stores and I was always satisfied with them. Okay, I may not have been able to run a marathon on these, and I have walked home barefoot after an evening of dancing. But hey!

I didn’t care. Until I met my husband. He took quality over quantity and I soon noticed that. When I looked at a shoe store. I already saw him looking dubious at the cheap prices. After which he gently pushed me towards the more expensive items.

He taught me to look further and spend more money on a pair of shoes. Shoes on which I can walk a whole day without getting sore feet. Nowadays I have heels by Tamaris, but also super high heels by Manfleld, which run well! In terms of price you don’t even pay the main price.

But here I can walk around all day without any pain in my feet.

(too) much

And I still have too many heels. In the twelve years I’ve been with my husband I’ve bought quite a collection But the last few years I haven’t had to buy a new shoe or heel. Because they are indestructible and still work after years.

Once in a while I take a pair to the shoemaker here in the village for new heels or soles.

Even for the kids

For years I was very satisfied with children’s shoes from Scapino or Van Haren. Still, I’m now also over the boys and buy their shoes in the more expensive shoe stores. Too often the cheaper varieties broke down very quickly. More expensive shoe will do fine an entire winter and usually need to be replaced as feet have grown.

Here it was several times anyway, ‘cheap is expensive’.