Boys and puberty

Boys and puberty

Boys and puberty, how are they doing now that they are getting older? When do you start seeing puberty in your children?? How old are they then and where will this go?

I looked it up.

Has it really been eleven years since I became a mother?

For has it really been almost eleven years since I gave birth to the eldest? I can still see them, two little boys and now they are big boys. They both got off to a very bad start but are developing well.

Even to the extent that the eldest really seems to be in puberty at times.

Bad start for the boys

How it all started. Almost eleven years ago the first son entered our family. The boys both had a bad start after birth.

Due to a chronic illness they were hospitalized and operated on very young (one at eight weeks and the other at four weeks). Because I was separated from them for the first few days, the first time was very awkward and difficult. Especially with the youngest I struggled with this guilt for a long time.

Stay-at-home mom

The first years after the boys were born I worked as a team leader in the hospital. The boys went to host parents. We had a good time.

Until new rules came in and both boys had to go to different addresses. Then it got so messy and unnecessarily crowded. This was noticeable in their health. For us this was a reason to do it differently.

We both quit our jobs and went traveling as a family for seven months through America and Canada. The worry remained, but because we had so much rest we noticed that this was very good for the boys. After our trip, the oldest went to school.

The youngest went to playgroup two mornings here in the village and I became a stay-at-home mom.Something I could never have imagined before having children, but a role that suits me very well.

How the boys are developing

I loved the baby, toddler and preschool time. Developing the children, from dependent babies’s to a walking toddler who slowly (very slowly here at home) start talking and these days don&#8217t stop chattering. How they started out as shy boys in kindergarten and went to their first day of school until now, boys who can really manage in society.

Who already know what they want to be (astronaut and (dino) archeologist). And do well in school. I too had to learn as a mother. For example, in the beginning I found it super tricky how to help them learn for tests.

Assisted with speaking engagements and try to witness as much of their school and development as possible.

Boys will be fine

They are now two boys who can manage themselves. They can stay home alone for a while or go out on their own for a short time. The eldest has a phone nowadays.

Of course it gets easier and easier. But for example, I also really enjoy going out on my own with them once in a while, The conversations naturally become very different and that’s also kind of fun.

When does puberty start?

And now the oldest is entering puberty anyway. I thought, this will take a while, but every now and then some traits come along. In general puberty falls between the tenth and eighteenth year of life. And now of course the eldest is ten and he can sometimes be a bit bolder.

For example, hji can respond with a humming ‘yes yes yes’. He really would never do that before, he is a bit more often grumpy and rebellious. However difficult I find their growing up. Or difficult, I think it goes rather fast,. Of course this phase is fun too.

I am very curious how this will develop further.

Do you find it goes so fast with the children?? Do you recognize those puberty traits of yours from before?