Get spring into the house with these 6 easy tips

Bring spring into your home with these 6 easy tips

Are you done with winter, with the cold and rain and are you longing for spring like me?? Can’t wait to feel the first rays of sunshine on your face again and to open the doors and windows?? I went looking for decorations to spring in the house fetch.

Bring spring into your home

Like many others, I always feel a bit empty as soon as the Christmas tree is gone from the house. Because no matter how nice it is when they’re gone, the house is suddenly very empty. I already read about other bloggers putting more plants in the house, but since I’m already pretty equipped with them, I looked for decorations to bring spring into the house.

Decorations for in the house

Changing the look of your home is very easy with certain decorations and it does not have to cost a lot of money to bring spring into your home now. This style you can also easily bring back every year. Because from spring in the house you might want to go back to the warmth of autumn and winter in terms of decorations.

Store your spring decorations temporarily and pick them up again in spring.

Choose new cushion colors on the couch

Go in the winter more for warm colors, it is now time for those fresh spring colors again. With new colors pillows or cushion covers you can easily bring spring into your home.

Say it with flowers

The real spring feeling often starts with a flower. Put these in a cheerful vase on the table and you bring spring into your home in one fell swoop.

Rearrange with wall decorations

Hang something different on the wall. I regularly change my posters. I have a painting rail in the living room where I hang more dark pictures in the fall and winter and in the spring I choose black and white pictures with a little color in it.

This immediately gives a fresh look to my living room.

Change your living room

This tip might be a bit wilder, but give your wall a different color. With a lick of paint, you suddenly turn your living room into a completely different space and if this is perhaps a bit too much, choose to put the furniture somewhere else. A different look gives a fresh look to the home.

The big cleaning

That fresh wind can also be brought into your home by a spring clean. Go step by step, start downstairs and work your way up, going through all the rooms. Throw away, tidy up and clean up.

This alone will bring spring into your home.

Is it already time for the Easter decorations

You would almost think so, walk in the supermarket and you will see the Easter eggs again. So why not bring some spring into your home by taking down the Easter decorations?.

Are you still looking for Easter decorations?? Look here for inspiration

Come out of the winter dip and start spring

Maybe it feels a little early, but winter has lasted long enough already. Are you also tired of the cold and wet, then make sure you bring spring into your home with a few simple tips this succeeds in a flash.