How to de-stress after a bad day or week

How to de-stress after a bad day or week

A bad day or even a bad week might be more common this time than usual. How weird are the days, the weeks and this actually for a year now. Now how to de-stress after a bad day or week, so you don’t linger too long in it and go into the evening relaxed?

Stress and de-stress

Many people experience stress in their daily lives. It could be because you’re having a bad day, or maybe a bad week. But of course, this can also take longer. Do you have a busy job, are you unemployed, are you moving or are you sick. Then of course stress can be present in all its intensity.

It’s hard to de-stress. And there will be more to it than the tips I give here. But de-stressing after a bad day or week is possible and these tips might help.

Bad for your health

Stress is bad for your health, it can cause poor sleep, headaches, fatigue, but it can also cause palpitations. The tips I give today are purely for when you are having a bad day, not if your stress has to do with many other things, because of course you can’t just solve them overnight.

De-stressing after a bad day

Because we spend so much time at home, stress lurks nearby. How can you deal with this now?

  • Exercise, when you are done with work, go outside and take a walk around the block. . This can be in gaming, reading, a hobby, but make sure you can do something else after a stressful day.
  • Pay attention to your breathing once in a while. Do some breathing in and out and close your eyes for a moment. Get some rest.
  • Clean up your workplace. A tidy workplace will also calm your mind.
  • Say no to things that are not important right now, we already live in weird times. Take care of yourself for now.
  • Make sure you eat healthy. Eating healthy food gives you more energy and often makes you feel better after a bad day. You can handle stress better when you feel energetic.
  • Get enough sleep. Waking up rested makes your day start better right away. instead of coffee or alcohol.

Get your rest

Are you having a bad day because of all the stresses of our time, not knowing when we can do something again? De-stressing after a bad day is mainly thinking about yourself. Sit quietly on the couch with a cup of tea and do what you want for a while.

Pick up a hobby, go read a book or relax with Netflix.