From my comfort zone with this cheerful summer clothing

From my comfort zone with this cheerful summer clothing

Summer clothing, we can again! And how nice it is to opt for cheerful colors and flowers in the summer. I used to go for safe black, white or gray I now choose colors. Colors that I feel good about and that look good on me.

Do you choose color?


When I got home years ago, I didn’t do much about my clothing style. I put on jeans with a shirt in the morning and that was that. Until at some point I realized that I had enough nice clothes in my closet.

Since then I try to dress nicely every day.

I have a party? Then some extra ’ s

And if I go to a party, birthday, appointment or event then I do something extra ’ s. I would like to wear a neat skirt or dress. But always in black, safe colors.

Until last year, then I participated in the Soulstyling Club. This was a group of ladies who took a good job under guidance from an expert, their wardrobe. We looked at what we often had on, but also how we actually preferred to be dressed.

Which clothes would look good on us and what we should not wear anymore. Participating in this was quite a challenge but also got me out of my comfort zone and showed me that I needed much more color and print in my summer clothing.

A whole collection of clothing

I have a lot of clothes hanging in my closet, but it’s all a bit the same. Dresses, long skirts or jeans. When I want to be properly dressed, I wear a skirt or dress. I personally like to wear this and dressed a little more. Yet it is sometimes easy to wear pants with certain occasions.

However, I just don’t get away neat pants. For years I am looking for long, wide pants that fit well. I have long legs and most wide pants stay a bit so hanging around my ankles.

Or are way too wide at the top around my waist.

Summer clothing

And then I ended up on the Open32 site I saw a collection of female clothing with cheerful summer accents. And here I found the pants that I was looking for, long, wide and with print. I couldn’t wait until I received him home.

Let the summer begin!

The pants, which I had chosen from the many SilverCreek Open32 Ladies Pants, is good in terms of length. With slippers on it is even a little too long, so ideal. It looks beautiful with heels, because the trouser leg fall over it. Because of the thin fabric it is very pleasant, even when it is warmer. The stretch in the tire gives the pants a good fit.

Nowadays I usually have hip pants, so it takes some getting used to that these pants go to the waist. This is nice, because it doesn’t pinch. This allows you to wear very nice shirt in the pants. The lower edge of the pipe and the last part of waist band have a solid color, which makes the pants playful but at the same time chic.

These pants are great for a summer day, but can also be upstairs with a nice sweater.

Color in my summer collection

On the photo I combine my chip pants with a Bella Singlet from SilverCreek. This is a sleeveless top that is available in several colors. The basic singlet is easy to combine, has a fitting fit and a round neck.

Chip pants and singlet

Comfort zone summer clothing

Nice detail on the bottom of the trouser leg and bow of the pants.

Open 32

The collection on the Open32 site is varied. In addition to ladies’ clothing, you also have an open32 men’s basics. You will find here, both online and in the stores, brands such as SilverCreek, G-Star RAW, PME Legend, Levi ’ S or Tommy Jeans.

The site is clear and the products clearly described. Check the site for a shop nearby.