How to prepare a child for high school

How to prepare a child for high school

Is your child going to secondary school this coming school year?? Do you want to help him or her a little bit with this new situation? Today I give tips on how to prepare your son or daughter for high school.

Going to high school

Is your child saying goodbye to elementary school this year and will be entering the first grade of high school in the coming school year? Did you choose the school after physically visiting it or did you mainly find the information online?? However the choice is made, it will all be new to your child.

As the mother of a son in the first year of high school and a son who will be transferring from elementary school to high school in the next school year, I feel pretty well versed and here are some tips on how to prepare your child for high school.

Being familiar with the school

Have you been to open days this year, has your son or daughter deliberately seen the school or maybe (that's how it went here) gotten an idea of the new school online? Did your child consciously choose this school , is it close by or do his or her friends go here. Does it perhaps have an older sibling who has also walked this road?

Or did you consciously choose the type of education?

Choice of education

Because maybe your child wants to go to a school that is big or maybe it prefers a school where the classes are small. A school where personal attention comes first? Then choosing SvOP (School for Personal Education) might be for him or her.

The benefits of being taught in a small class

It is very important to see in advance what suits your child. A large school with many students in the class or smaller classes, where the attention is more on a personal level? For a high school with small class sizes, you can choose SvPO (School for Personal Education). Advantages of this education is that in addition to children being taught in small classes, they have little homework and receive more personal attention.

If this is really something for your son or daughter and you want more educational information about this, on School for Personal Education you will find all the information and follow Facebook SvPO and you will not miss anything.

Preparing for high school

But no matter which school your child chooses, a big school, a small school, far away or close by, preparing for high school will always be the same. Of course you will be informed in advance by the new school, but I have also become quite wise myself -after last year's experiences- about how and what you can do to prepare your son or daughter for high school.

Going to the new school together for a while

A tip is to cycle the distance to school before the new school year starts. Discuss together the important intersections, where they do or do not have the right of way and where extra attention should be paid to traffic. And if your son or daughter goes by public transport, do some driving together as well.

This is how your child goes to school on the first day a lot more confidently.

Get a good bike

Often children have to bike quite a bit to high school, after all there are fewer high schools in town and village than elementary school. A good bicycle is then a requirement. Get a stable, sturdy bike, preferably with multiple gears and sturdy frame.

The bags that children take with them to secondary school are so heavy that a crate on the front or a Monkey Mee on the front or back of the bike is really a must.‚Äč

A big sturdy backpack

In addition to the heavy books that need to be carried every day, most students also have laptops. This one also goes to and from school every day. Make sure you have a large and sturdy backpack.

It is easy to get one with a separate compartment for the laptop, so your child does not have to empty his or her entire bag every time class starts or is over.

A few more handy tips before your child goes to his or her news school:

  • See if the school has laptop leasing options. They use their laptop so much these days and if it breaks down, it will be repaired and they will temporarily get a laptop to borrow.
  • A diary is not necessary or at least ask if one is needed. Schools use the app Magister as a calendar and if children have difficulties with planning they recommend a planner rather than a calendar.
  • Cover paper is out. Nowadays they have fabric covers you can put around the books. Not us, in my enthusiasm I bought 3 rolls of wrapping paper, you know, we still have two and a half of them left.
  • Thought you got rid of the sneakers, no, here they have to bring sneakers again, so don't forget to try them on at the beginning of the new school year to see if they are still good or if they need new ones.

Giving your child that extra hand

Of course, your child will have to prepare for high school on its own, but a little help from you is not a bad thing; children learn to cope on their own soon enough. But being involved with, is still nice once in a while.